Baby Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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  • Epicrates cenchria
  • Captive Bred
  • About 16 – 24 Inches In Length From Head To Tail
  • Adults Can Reach Up To 6-7 Feet In Total Length
  • Mainly A Terrestrial Hunter Feeding On Live And Frozen Thawed Fuzzy Mice Weekly


  • These Snakes Get Their Names From Their Iridescent Scales That Make Them Shimmer In The Sun
  • This Boa Comes From South America In The Amazon Basin Ranging From Coastal Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, And Southern Venezuela
  • Tropical Species That Requires High Humidity, Add Sphagnum Moss To Their Substrate
  • With Proper Care And Setup These Snakes Can Live Up To 20 Years In Captivity

What is a Brazilian Rainbow Boa for Sale

If you’re a reptile enthusiast looking to add a colorful and captivating snake to your collection, our Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale might be just what you’re looking for. With its striking iridescent scales and impressive size, this species is sure to make a statement in any collection. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key facts about Brazilian Rainbow Boas and where to find them for sale.

  • Appearance and Behavior

Brazilian Rainbow Boas for sale(Epicrates cenchria) are non-venomous constrictors that are native to South America. These snakes are known for their distinctive, shimmering scales that give them a rainbow-like appearance when viewed in the right light. They can grow up to six feet long and have a lifespan of around 20 years in captivity.

In terms of behavior,our Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale is a docile and curious snake that can be handled with care. They are known for their strong constricting abilities and will use this technique to subdue prey.

  • Habitat and Care

In the wild, Brazilian Rainbow Boas are found in humid, tropical regions of South America, including Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. In captivity, they require a similar environment to thrive. This means keeping them in a terrarium with a heat lamp, a substrate that retains moisture, and a water dish for drinking and soaking.

  • Diet

These snakes also require a varied diet of appropriately sized rodents, such as mice and rats, and should be fed once every week or two. They are also susceptible to common reptile health issues, such as respiratory infections and mites, so it’s important to keep their habitat clean and monitor their health closely.

Finding Brazilian Rainbow Boas for Sale

If you’re interested in adding a Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale to your collection, there are several options for finding a reputable seller. Online reptile marketplaces, such as us with a network of well trained breeders to provide you with healthy and strong snakes

In Conclusion

Our Brazilian Rainbow Boa for sale is a stunning and fascinating snake that can make a great addition to any reptile collection. While they require a specific habitat and diet, they are generally docile and easy to care for in captivity. By following best practices for snake care and finding a reputable seller, you can enjoy the beauty and wonder of this unique species for years to come.