Received my baby skinks and it was such a smooth process shopping on here , my best friend about to place her own order

Jada Herman

Placed a bulk order to be delivered in indonesian , they gave me a great discount and i recieved my reptiles about two weeks ago. Wanted to wait 2 weeks to be certain of the health condition of the reptiles and till now we have no issues with any , i am really grateful and would be back for more , especially the satanic leaf tailed geckos

Rui Lang

Just got my babies , took 5 days but they are healthy and strong and arrived Australia safely . yall the best , thanks

Borris Bronze

Shipping wasn’t overnight but i got my king snakes so can’t really complain . Just happy they are healthy , would be back for some boas

Mark Romney

Took 4 days instead of the 3 days to arrive London but i have to say it was worth the wait because my Juvenile GTX Leachianus Geckos are so beautiful , i am a bit salty but thanks guys


All i have to say is you guys are appreciated , y’all even sent supplies. I am about to cry hahaha thanks guys , thanks Ian

Rose Martins

 I have had issues shopping fro reptiles online before nut this was such a great and smooth experience , customer service was there all through till i got my reptiles with no insurance shipping fees demanded , i would highly  recommend you guys and get you more clients , thanks for my bearded dragon i think i would call him Steve

Matt Galloway

Merci, vous avez livré mes tortues comme promis, 4 jours pour livrer en France comme promis

Marie Louis

thanks Ian , first time owning a skink and you guys have been so helpful and supportive , would be getting more from you guys



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